If Not Now, Then When?

We made it. If you are reading this then that means we successfully made it through 2020, into 2021. Last year truly was a test of our mental, physical, and emotional strength as well as our humanity. I saw a lot of people, saying that "if you didn't start a hustle then it just wasn't in you". Guess what- it's not in everybody. Not because we don't wan't better. Some of us lost our jobs, some people lost homes, and a lot of people lost loved ones to Covid-19. Some people used all their hustle and spare energy just to get out of bed each day and try to make something out of nothing. That in itself is a hustle.

Just because the year on the calendar flipped to 2021, doesn't meant the struggles of the past year are forgotten, or gone away. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic. People are still struggling to stay above water, and people are still dying. However, there still hasn't been a better time than right now to make your mark and walk in your purpose. Even if there wasn't Covid-19 it could have been something else that caused you to get laid off from work. A car accident, an illness, downsizing. It could be anything. You need to be prepared. If 2020 taught us anything, it's that shit can hit the fan at any given moment.

If God forbid you die tomorrow, your job will replace you, it's not personal it's business. You know where it is personal? At home with your family, your spouse, your parents, children, all the people who love you; it's personal to them. They can't hire someone else to replace you. While I realize a job provides you with the means to provide for your loved ones, that job won't care for them and love them for the rest of their lives when you're gone. So, again I pose the question if not now, when?

When will you decide to put what matters most, first? Make providing something for your kids to inherit after you're gone, a priority. There is a well of knowledge and information at your disposal right now. There are more ways for you to build wealth with not a lot of investment, than there ever has been before. Even if you still decide to work a 9-5 you can build wealth on the side that you can invest into things that will benefit your children years from now. The wheel doesn't have to be re created and this does not have to be rocket science.

At some point we have to make a choice to want more and do better. I promise you this just doesn't apply to money. It applies to your health, (especially your mental health) and to self improvement. I know I talk about shadow work a lot and I will continue to do so. All shadow work is, is the self discipline to examine yourself and make better choices in life. This is a constant work. When you know better you do better. The problem with a lot of us is, we are not disciplined enough to consistently make good choices. I don't want you to be perfect. I want us collectively to make consistently better choices than we do bad ones, then we can see the changes we want in the world.

So again, if not now then when? Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Don't make any half asses New Year's resolutions. Just do it. Every single day just wake up and make a conscious choice to get after it. Let's go!

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